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What is LikeC4? Why "like"?

LikeC4 is a modeling language for describing software architecture, and tools to generate diagrams from the model.
Inspired by C4 Model (opens in a new tab) and Structurizr DSL (opens in a new tab), but with some flexibility.

You define your own notation, custom element types and any number of nested levels in the architecture model.
Perfectly tailored to your needs.

What does LikeC4 look like?

specification { // define "types" of architecture elements
  element actor {
    style {
      shape person // how to render
  element system
  element component
  relationship async // allow "typed" relationship
model { // describe your architecture, single source of truth
  customer = actor 'Customer' {
    description 'A user of our product with active subscription'
    -> ui 'opens in browser' // how relationships are
  cloud = system 'Our SaaS' {
    backend = component 'Backend' {
      description '
        Implements business logic
        and provides GraphQL API
    ui = component 'Frontend' {
      description 'NextJs application'
      style {
        shape browser
    ui -[async]-> backend 'requests via HTTPS'
views {
  view index {
    include *, cloud.*
    style cloud.* {
      color green

Run to preview:

npx likec4 start

And this is rendered (click to explore):


Check Tutorial (opens in a new tab) - for a quick overview of LikeC4.