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LikeC4 is a DSL for describing software architecture.

Source files must have .likec4 or .c4 extensions.
All sources merged into a single model (explained later in Workspace).

A project may look like this:

  • Directorybackend
    • Directoryservice1
      • model.c4
      • views.c4
    • Directoryservice2
      • model.c4
  • Directoryexternals
    • amazon.c4
  • landscape.c4
  • specs.c4

Top-level statements

Source file should have at least one of these statements:

  • specification - defines element kinds to be used in the model, like app, microservice, graphqlMutation
  • model - architecture elements, hierarchies, compositions and relationships
  • views - visualizations
specification {
model {
views {

It is not allowed to have multiple statements of the same kind:

model {
// ⛔️ not allowed to have multiple statements
model {}

But it is allowed to skip any of them, so only model, or only views, or only specification, or any combination of them.